How To Make Pickled Jalapeños |

How To Make Pickled Jalapeños

By far, my favorite obsession this summer is pickling. I’ve pickled jalapeños, radishes, and onions. Next on my list are beets, garlic, and ginger. And even though it’s excessively easy, I’m sharing how to make pickled jalapeños in today’s post!

I posted a quick-and-easy tutorial about pickled jalapeños on Instagram a while ago, and it ended up being a hit. It only makes sense to take prettier pictures and post the recipe here, right? That way, it’s easier for you to find and reference.

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Lemon Rosemary Salt |

Lemon Rosemary Salt

Flavored salts seem fancy—but this lemon rosemary salt couldn’t be easier. This combo makes a crowd-pleasing rub for roast chicken & countless other dishes!

I’m eager to share this recipe because learning to cook from scratch can be daunting. Many people assume that healthy home-cooked meals are equivalent to returning to a desk job on Monday morning to mindlessly stare at a computer screen for hours.

It doesn’t have to be that bland and boring. Trust me.

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Homemade Sunflower Seed Butter |

Homemade Sunflower Seed Butter

I’ve been meaning to post DIY basics like this homemade sunflower seed butter for a while…luckily for you, I’m finally seizing the opportunity.

I had an awesome idea for an upcoming recipe (now published!) that requires sunflower seed butter, but I was out. That’s not a problem for a well-stocked paleo kitchen (read: I have a nut & seed hoarding problem) so I just roasted up some raw sunflower seeds and made my own sunbutter! Now that my photography skills are gradually improving, I snapped some photos so I could confidently share the instructions with you.

Oh my gosh, it’s like I’m a legit food blogger or something. That’s the kind of thing food bloggers do, right? Take pretty pictures of food presented in a nearly-unattainable way. Wow, I almost just offended myself – but at least I can take a joke! Ha.

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Macadamia Basil Pesto

Macadamia Basil Pesto


Confession:  I had never really had pesto before making this Macadamia Basil Pesto. But, I think I get away with it because it’s absolutely delicious and I put it on everything now. Macadamias are one of my favorite nuts, so it only made sense to use them to make a pesto (since I’m too cheap to buy pine nuts at the moment).

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