Coffee Conversations: February 2020

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This month is HUGE! We closed on our house and we’re in the process of moving in. Everyone’s been asking us about our new home… So let me invite you in and we can share a cup of coffee while I give you all the updates!

A couple clinking glasses and sharing a pizza in an otherwise empty house

We’re officially homeowners!

Here we go — your first look into the house!

It’s 100% a work in progress. Right now, we’re painting the major rooms before we move everything over, so we haven’t even started sleeping in our house.

We DID, however, spend our first night as homeowners “camping out” on the main floor. We celebrated with Rhombus Guys pizza (we got married in the restaurant, so it’s super special for us!). He had beer; I had kombucha.

Next Coffee Conversations, we should be all moved in. Stay tuned for that update.

A couple sitting on the floor of an otherwise empty house

The coolest thing about tracking your progress

From day one of CrossFit, I’ve tracked my workouts.

While packing, I stumbled upon the original notebook I wrote my workouts in. Now it lives at the gym, and I’ve started something I’ve wanted to do for a while — redoing some of the first workouts from my CrossFit days (about 6 years ago)!

I enjoy CrossFit-style workouts for many reasons, but variety of workouts is one major reason. That said, you hardly redo workouts except for “The Girls” or select hero workouts, so it’s not always easy to track progress.

Picture of a CrossFit workout on a whiteboard

That’s why I’m picking through my first notebook and retesting myself.

Because it’s easy to get caught up in thoughts like “I still can’t do muscle ups” or “I haven’t PR’d my snatch in over a year” but when I can clearly see how much progress I’ve made since the first couple years? HUGE.

What I’m currently reading

  • Cozy Minimalist Home: More Style, Less Stuff by Myquillyn Smith — now that we’re homeowners, I’m very curious how to express my vision without cluttering my home with useless stuff. Hoping this read helps guide me!
  • The River: A Novel by Peter Heller — I picked up this novel because I’ve been craving an adult fiction novel instead of the young adult fantasy I normally read. So far, I’m enthralled. The descriptions bring me back to Duluth!
  • The Cruel Prince by Holly Black — Haven’t picked this one up yet, but it’s next on my list as soon as the library has a copy available. I’ve heard mixed things, but it sounds like my kind of read!

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New posts this month

Message from the Kitty Committee

The cats definitely know something’s up, with boxes piled everywhere. Currently, the kitty committee is just trying to relax during this hectic time. They’ve got no idea what fun things await them during the move!


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One thought to “Coffee Conversations: February 2020”

  1. Hello Chelsea,

    Welcome to your new home and it’s really very nice home, as I am a huge coffee lover so I am accepting your invitation for coffee, Ow ow I also want to have kombucha, hahaha.
    I just love your lovely brown cat behind your pillow on your bed.

    Thanking you

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