Coffee Conversations – June 2019

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The year is half over, so it’s the perfect time to get together for another coffee conversation.

I’m sipping on cold brew, now that it’s 90 degrees in Fargo, ND. What are you sipping on? Iced tea? Iced matcha? Still reaching for hot drinks?

At any rate, grab your drink of choice and let’s fall into a deep conversation about the loaded half year we’ve had.

2019 so far…

This year is already half over, and I’m taking a bit of time to reflect on my goals for 2019.

To be blunt, the year has already thrown me for a loop. Last year, Do You Even Paleo experienced a lot of growth, and I foolishly expected that to continue. But with Instagram and Pinterest both changing their algorithms, traffic has tanked.

I’ve put so much effort into pumping out new content that I’ve let the new endeavors fall to the wayside, which left me feeling a bit adrift. I’d wanted 2019 to be my year of breaking into video, but I haven’t put much effort into that front.

In some ways, though, the dip in traffic is a good thing. I find myself caring LESS about the numbers and MORE about the things I want to do.

The other part that helps and hurts is that I am fully booked for 2019 weddings (I cap myself at 12), and am already 25% booked for 2020. It helps to keep me financially stable, but hurts because SO much of my time is spent with weddings!

I’m still navigating that balance between the two, and still devoting time with my spouse. I am committed to our time together — it keeps me sane — so while some nights I could get a LOT more done by isolating myself in the office, I choose instead to hang out in the living room with him.

The perfect season for new kicks

I photographed my first wedding with old, falling-apart shoes, and it immediately became obvious that if I was going to be running around 9-10 hours a day, I needed new shoes.

For everyday use, I picked up some Allbirds — love them.

For weddings, I finally bit the bullet and bought some Rothy’s!

Flax Rothys ballet flats

I’ve had my eye on this brand of flats for a while because they’re environmentally-friendly (made from recycled plastic) and are supposed to be SUPER comfortable. My pair arrived on a Friday and I immediately put them to the test on Saturday for a wedding.

Well, that was a mistake. Since I didn’t break them in at all, they more or less shredded my heels. I was a little disappointed at first, but didn’t give up hope.

After a couple weeks, they’re fully broken in and I can easy say they’re my new love. Since that first weekend, I’ve worn these flats in a downpour, on dusty dirt roads and cow pastures, and on my evening walks with my husband. They’re definitely broken in now and have remained comfortable through it all. New shoes FTW!

(P.S. If you wanna get $20 off your own pair, click through this referral link!)

Quick hits: moments from June

If I talked through everything that happened in June, this post would NEVER end.

Here are some quick hits:

  • My husband and I had our first “date” at Ribfest in Fargo 6 years ago. We go back every year!
  • I’ve been on a gluten free toast kick lately. The mornings I have toast, I always make one sweeter (SunButter and jelly) and one savory (avocado, bacon, tomato). The best of both worlds!
  • Working on new recipes when I can. The picture above on the right is coming soon…
  • Wedding season took me back home to Mandan (I assist another photographer on some of my free weekends) and down to South Dakota. I photographed (solo and as an assistant) 5 weddings this month!
  • Still chipping away at my gym goals. I do some weird stuff to get there, but it’s paying off — this month alone, I’ve PR’d my strict pull-ups (3 in a row!) and got my first kipping handstand push-up ever.

What I’m currently reading

  • Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo – the second book in the duology I started last month. I DEVOURED this book, reading all 500+ pages in a matter of days. If you enjoy fantasy at all, pick up this series!
  • The Language of Thorns: Midnight Tales and Dangerous Magic by Leigh Bardugo – I think it’s safe to say I’m a Leigh Bardugo fan now, through and through. This collection of short stories is set in the same Grisha universe, but features new spins on old folktales. An excellent short read.
  • Burgers by Paul Gayler – Between my fiction and fantasy reads, I pick up nonfiction. I’ve never been one to read cookbooks, but I’m trying to broaden my horizons and find inspiration in cookbooks.

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Thoughts from The Kitty Committee

Cat licking plants on an apartment balcony

A little bit of wonder can change your entire life. New neighbors moved in above us, and they have a kitty. He likes to pop his head out of the balcony railing and “talk” with Waffles. I wish they could get together — the two are so curious about one another! Waffles now begs to go outside just to see his new kitty friend.


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