Coffee Conversations: June 2020

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This month has been loaded. Let’s take a bit out of our strange, “new normal” lives and have a chat.

Grab your iced coffee, because it’s time for our June 2020 Coffee Conversation!

If we were getting coffee together, I’d ask how you’ve been. Has life gained some sort of normalcy? What are your thoughts on the state of the world right now? Are you emotionally exhausted, like me?


First and foremost, I want to say this. BLACK LIVES MATTER.

Black lives matter flag at a protest outside of Fargo City Hall

Racism and racial injustice are alive and well in our world today. And to be honest, my privilege got the best of me up until this point; I’ve stayed silent before, not knowing what to add to the conversation.

But enough of that. Change doesn’t happen by nestling into the status quo.

Because of that, I strongly encourage you to check out these resource hubs:

Regardless of your thoughts on the protests, at least try to investigate further and digest some of the resources above. If anything, you’re broadening your horizons — is there harm in that?

Gardening – the quarantine trend of 2020

Now that we’re homeowners, I got to do something that I’ve been eager to do for YEARS – start a garden! And not just a container-based balcony garden (which I’ve always struggled to keep alive).

Once we got the pool out of the way, I dug up a little plot of dirt for a garden.

I planted tomatoes (15 – I may have gone a little overboard), bell peppers, serrano peppers, radishes, carrots, zucchini, kale, buttercrunch lettuce, cantaloupe, mint, and a few other herbs.

So far, it’s wild to see the changes over just a month. Tomatoes are coming in, zucchini is starting to bloom, and the bell peppers are close to flowering!

What I’m currently reading

Woman wearing a #rootscrew shirt from Strong Roots ND
Happy to rejoin my #RootsCrew in the gym now that Strong Roots is open again!

Shareworthy internet reads

New posts this month

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Message from the Kitty Committee

This is the perfect time to explore. Test the bounds of your comfort and see what truths and new experiences you can learn from.


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