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Butter Coffee and Beyond: My #NutButterInAvo Obsession

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Hey, you! Glad you’re here. Sit down. Let’s take some time to unwind. I’ll whip up a butter coffee for you and we can chat!

I’m introducing something brand new to the blog! Butter Coffee and Beyond! It’s really the first ongoing series here at Do You Even Paleo.

Butter Coffee and Beyond | DoYouEvenPaleo.net


Doesn’t the graphic for it look awesome? I’m super excited to make this a thing. What will Butter Coffee and Beyond be? Well, the posts will be more lifestyle-centric. Not as much focus on recipes, but it might feature my favorite snacks, CrossFit stories, paleo/gluten free products, the stuff I’m doing to stay happy and healthy beyond food.

I would also like Butter Coffee and Beyond to create more of a conversation between you and me. I named the series Butter Coffee and Beyond because I think the best conversations happen over coffee (or, if you don’t do caffeine…tea, hot chocolate, kombucha, whatever). When you’re sharing a delicious beverage with someone, you each tend to open up and grow closer. I hope I’m at least somewhat able to replicate that cozy, personal atmosphere of a small local coffee shop.

In this first edition of Butter Coffee and Beyond, I want to introduce you to my latest food obsession. #NutButterInAvo, baby!

Nut Butter In Avocado #NutButterInAvo
Sunflower Seed Butter with Avocado


Frankly, if you follow me on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, you’ve probably seen me post about this glorious and simple creation. Now, I can’t claim I made this up. I got the idea from Sonia over at The Healthy Foodie. But I did love the creation so much that I decided to make a hashtag out of it.

This kind of food doesn’t need a recipe. I’m sure you get the idea just by looking at the picture. But the real beauty of #NutButterInAvo (Nut Butter inAvocado, in case you don’t speak hashtag) is that it’s easy but versatile. You can use any nut or seed butter you happen to have on hand. You can get fancy and add a sprinkle of sea salt, chia seeds, hemp seeds, cacao, etc. I definitely suggest giving it a try, though. It’s not hard!

And if you try it, definitely let me know! Whether you tag me in your photo on Instagram or just use my classy hashtag, I’d love to check in on your sexy #NutButterInAvo, too. ‘Cause I care about you, your opinions, and your lovely food.

Nut Butter (Tahini) in Avocado
Tahini-Filled Avocado Sprinkled with Chia Seeds

Admittedly, I’m also a little obsessed with tahini lately. Between making dressings, filling avocados, and making Phat Fudge (thanks, Paleo Chef!), I’ve been going through a lot of tahini. So much tahini. My favorites lately have been Once Again Tahini and Soom Foods Tahini. Both are awesome. Both have somewhat unique flavors, so it’s very hard to pick one over the other! Soom Foods also has a sesame chocolate spread that I got to try, and while it’s not paleo (powdered sugar is one of three ingredients), it’s still vastly better than the processed junk in Nutella.

What else have I been doing with my life? I’ve been positively freaking out over my next newsletter. I know, I’ve been talking about it a lot lately, so sorry if you have to hear me go on another tangent about it. I sincerely hope to make it something special for my readers, and the next issue sends this week, so fingers crossed that I hear some good feedback.

How’s CrossFit been? Great! Thanks to a very helpful article from Stupid Easy Paleo, I found out I haven’t been eating enough post-workout. I’ve focused more on post-workout eats, and now I feel more energetic during workouts. I’m signing up for the CrossFit Open, although I wish I had accomplished more since last year. (Still can’t do pull-ups. Sad face.) However, I did finally get my 100# snatch! Look!

Besides all that, I cherish my time with my partner and cats. With opposing work schedules, my man and I hardly see each other for more than a few hours at a time. When we are together, we tend to watch Netflix or play video games together. We’re both very excited for our trip in late March (and I’m excited for further, secretive reasons) – it will be the most time we’ve spent together for close to a year!

Phwew, I’ve certainly been talking a lot about myself. I tend to ramble when I haven’t chatted with someone in a while! I hope you understand. We still have plenty of time, though!

Now you talk.

Q: What foods have you been obsessing over lately? Any recommendations?

Q: What do you think of this new series, Butter Coffee and Beyond?

Let’s do this again soon!


Disclaimer: Soom Foods sent me samples of their tahini to try out, but they did not ask me to post my opinion. This post does contain affiliate links. Any money made goes right back to the blog. All opinions are my own; I only link to products I enjoy!


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