Spatchcocked thanksgiving turkey on a sheet pan

Spatchcocked Turkey: The BEST Way to Cook for Thanksgiving!

For years now, I make a spatchcocked turkey as the star of my Thanksgiving table. Funny name, yes. But I’m telling you, it’s faster, cooks more evenly, and will totally change how you see turkey at your Thanksgiving table.

Since I switched from the traditional, stuffed bird, I continue to get compliments that it’s the BEST turkey my guests have ever had.

Including, I might add, my dad — a man who dislikes poultry and generally skips over the turkey at Thanksgiving in favor of mashed potatoes. The first year I made a spatchcock turkey, he made a point of telling me, “I don’t know what you did, but that turkey was very good.”

That sealed the deal for me. Spatchcocked turkeys are the way to go for Thanksgiving! I’ll walk you through how to prep the bird and blow your mind this holiday season.

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