Tray full of pulled pork garnished with parsley and radishes

Easy Pulled Pork with Cumin & Coriander

Dinner doesn’t get much simpler than this! Easy pulled pork is a go-to for feeding a crowd or meal prep in my home. This version made with cumin, coriander, and a squeeze of bright lime juice is perfect for tacos or burrito bowls.

My go-to for pulled pork is a slow cooker, but I’ve been experimenting with Dutch oven cooking and have included instructions for that cooking method, too. This recipe is gluten free, paleo, Whole30, keto, and low carb.

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Bowl with taco meat, lettuce, beans, avocado, and nacho cheese sauce

Weeknight Taco Bowls

Less a recipe and more a template for making hectic mealtimes easier, Weeknight Taco Bowls are endlessly customizable and, most importantly, fast!

I’ll give you the basic taco meat recipe and a bunch of suggestions on how to craft your bowls. Your job is to take the basic taco meat recipe and run with it!

Depending on what you use as toppings and additions, this recipe template is low carb, Whole30, gluten free, paleo, and keto.

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