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Introducing Chelsea Joy Eats!

Drumroll please… Do You Even Paleo is now Chelsea Joy Eats!

This change has been a long time coming, and I’m thrilled it’s FINALLY here. For years, I’ve been ruminating on this idea, never quite ready to make the switch.

It’s time.

DoYouEvenPaleo.net will always exist, but will now redirect to ChelseaJoyEats.com. You may have noticed my new logo appearing as a watermark on my images, so the new look won’t be a huge surprise to you! Here it is, in case you didn’t spot it:

Logo for Chelsea Joy Eats - simple food, full living

The slow build of this change comes with myriad reasons and lots of thought behind it. So if you’re wondering WHY this change is happening, read on!

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Coffee Conversations: June 2020

This month has been loaded. Let’s take a bit out of our strange, “new normal” lives and have a chat.

Grab your iced coffee, because it’s time for our June 2020 Coffee Conversation!

If we were getting coffee together, I’d ask how you’ve been. Has life gained some sort of normalcy? What are your thoughts on the state of the world right now? Are you emotionally exhausted, like me?

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10 Top Fiction Books to Read this Summer

Have more time on your hands for reading this summer? Fill up your reading list with these 10 books to read!

I’m a voracious reader — it’s one of the many reasons I pursued an English degree in college. I try to read between 30 and 40 books each year, including a mix of nonfiction and fiction. This list includes some of my favorite fiction books from the past few years. Each of them would make great reads for long summer nights!

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