Whole30 Week 3 Recap

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Whole30 Week 3 Recap

It’s that time again! Another week has gone by. It’s Tuesday, and I’m on Day 24. One week from now I’ll have finished my first Whole30! I simultaneously am surprised it’s almost over but happy to be close to the end!

Keep reading to see my thoughts on the week, a snapshot into my meals, and my goals for the last week of my Whole30!

My Thoughts On Week 3:

I am so looking forward to the end of my Whole30.

It’s definitely been pretty easy, considering I really have no problems with temptations. I don’t really look at food and immediately think “Oh my gosh I need to eat that because it’s there”. Coworkers bring in cupcakes to work and I don’t bat an eye; I wouldn’t eat that stuff normally. What I really miss is the freedom to go out to eat when I want, enjoy a glass of wine or a hard cider in the evenings, and baking. Like, it’s fall—almost winter in ND—and I can’t fucking bake! It sucks. I thought the Whole30 would be easy primarily because of my past experience with the Whole Life Challenge (which was kind of my first look into paleo as a lifestyle), but at least on the Whole Life Challenge I could bake!

Now, there’s no restriction on eating out during a Whole30 as long as you make sure what you’re getting at a restaurant is compliant, but I decided to challenge myself to not eat out during the Whole30. It’s not difficult to prepare meals for myself every night, but dang is it convenient to eat out sometimes. But, the Whole30 has opened my eyes to how much I was eating out…I mean, 22 days and I miss eating out? That’s not very long, when you think about it.

And finally, I miss my hard ciders. It’s near impossible to make an argument for alcohol being healthy, but I’m not trying to argue that. I just like to have a beer or a cider every once in a while.

I’m certainly not perfect when it comes to paleo…it’s just my normal

I plan on going out with my man for a pizza and beer date next week when the Whole30 is over. (Partially because he won’t go without me—he considers it “our spot”. I know I’ll probably get sick, but…the things ya do for love, you know?)

But after that date, I’ll slide right back in to a paleo lifestyle. Just with paleo cookies and things occasionally.

Oh, and if you want to know how CrossFit has been going…I PR’d both my bench press and deadlift! 100# on my bench press, 210# on my deadlift. Hells yeah!

Whole30 Week 3 Meal Snapshot:

Whole30 Week 3 Meal Snapshot

It’s getting colder, so I’ve been making more soup. Egg Drop Soup by Paleo Parents is amazing, easy, and versatile…I’ve had it for more than one meal! I also made The Healthy Foodie’s Liver Pâté. Everything else is my own creation!

Goals for The End:

  • Get another recipe or two up
  • Keep rocking at life
  • MOAR VEGGIES! Always.


Whole30 ends November 17. I’ll do one final wrap-up post once it’s all over.


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