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If You Failed A PR Attempt Today, You Need To Read This

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I’m writing this after back squat 1RM day. I shared a bar with one of my beloved coaches. I crushed it. I happily got a 10# PR. My coach, on the other hand, tried and failed 3 attempts. She was crushed, almost to tears. I’m unskilled at these situations, so I didn’t say much other than “it’s all right, you’ll get it next time”. But I can’t shake the urge to say more. Here’s everything I wish I would have said – something motivational, inspirational, about CrossFit and lifting. Perhaps it will lift you up. I need to hear this on occasion, too.


And you are not defined by the weight on that bar.

It sucks that you didn’t get your PR. No one would be happy in that situation. Need to cry about it? Then cry. That’s fine – no shame. This sport is emotional.

But don’t, not even for a second, beat yourself up about it. Don’t put yourself down. Don’t degrade yourself. You are so much better than that. You’re awesome.


In moments like these, it’s easy to self doubt and judge yourself.

Don’t give in to those thoughts.

It’s during these times that it’s most important to lift yourself up. There will always be ups and downs in lifting and CrossFit – just like there are ups and downs in life. Even though this might be a valley for you, and it’s difficult to get out of – keep your head high and your thoughts positive. It will take work, but you’ll be able to reach the new heights again.

You’ve worked hard.

Maybe you have been building up to this for months. Maybe you didn’t even match your current best. Maybe you have some technique to work on so you’ll have to drop some weight for the time being. Maybe it’s all in your head.

Whatever the case, there are improvements to be made. That’s a given; it will remain true even if you had gotten a PR. It’s practically a rule of weightlifting.

Don’t attach a bunch of negative self talk onto one moment of failure. Lift yourself up, just like you would lift up anyone else.

Your initial reaction is probably to analyze this single session, where you stumbled. But try to look at the big picture. Think about how much you’ve done. How far you’ve come. All the other times you have fell, but got back up. You’re probably way ahead of where you started. That’s something to be proud of, happy of. It’s also proof that you’re improving – it’s just taking a bit longer this time.

After all, the only way to succeed is by building on your failure.

Take a deep breath.

Next time you walk up to the bar, ignore the weight. Smile. Lift for the sake of lifting.

It feels good. That’s why you do this.

You’ll get that PR in due time.

I know you will – You Are Awesome!

If You Failed A PR Attempt Today, You Need To Read This

If you find these words inspiring, please feel free to share them with a friend. We all need to be lifted up at one time or another!

Readers: What quotes or phrases do you find inspiring?


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