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It’s Autumn! And National Coffee Day!

At first, I thought I would be a little sad about the end of summer…but to be honest, I’m pretty thrilled. In a single metaphoric gust of Fargo wind, I remembered all of the wonderful things I love about fall.

The crisp, cool air – not too hot, not too cold. Evening snuggles under a big quilt. Apples and pumpkin and squash. Hearty soups and casseroles. Soothing tea. Gorgeous colors. Leggings and boots. Hot coffee and lattes.

I’ve now fully embraced Autumn. And since it’s National Coffee Day and Autumn, I’m thrilled to share this glorious blended Maple Clove Butter Coffee recipe with you.

I know – it’s PSL season, and this does not have any pumpkin. What am I thinking?

Well, not everyone likes pumpkin (present company excluded) and I wasn’t quite ready to unleash the pumpkin puree from my pantry. Plus, there’s plenty of paleo pumpkin spice latte recipes out there – why not throw in something new?

Now, I love coffee and I love clove. To me, clove is the quintessential Autumn spice. I simply can’t imagine enjoying the Fall months without clove!

So when a local coffee shop started advertising a seasonal maple clove latte, I knew I needed to make my own paleo version because how freaking amazing does a maple clove butter coffee latte sound?

Maple Clove Butter Coffee |

Obviously, an essential part of this recipe is the coffee. I’d proudly consider myself a coffee snob – while I love trying new coffee brands, I definitely have my favorites and I’m definitely biased towards my local coffee roasters.

Due to that bias, I’m going to shamelessly plug my favorite ND coffee roasters – Twenty Below Coffee Co and Mighty Missouri Coffee Co. Twenty Below Coffee is the best coffee shop in town; a friendly, open, homey atmosphere with genuinely unique fair trade organic coffee. They’re all about community, which is one of my favorite things about Fargo. I just freaking love that place. As a matter of fact, if you’re ever in Fargo, ND and want a good cup of coffee, I’ll gladly take you to Twenty Below and buy you a cup. You’re welcome.

On the other hand, Mighty Missouri Coffee Co roasts their coffee right across the river from my hometown and has an excellent Blood:Water program which provides clean water for someone in Africa. Mighty MO Coffee is what I used for the recipe (you can also see the bag in a few of the pictures).

In short, there’s lots of reasons to love North Dakota coffee.

Although there are a bajillion good coffee roasters out there. Still, choose wisely. You definitely want to start this recipe with a good coffee base.

Maple Clove Butter Coffee |

Now, if you’ve made butter (or Bulletproof®) coffee before, you basically already have the simple instructions down. You’re just adding a few extra ingredients for this recipe.

But if you haven’t had butter coffee before, you might look at the recipe and think what the hell? There’s no milk…and putting ghee and coconut oil in my coffee? NO WAY! I understand. But please read on!

Basic butter coffee involves ghee/grass-fed butter and/or coconut oil. You add those to hot coffee and blend (that’s an extremely important step) and the result is a creamy, frothy cup of coffee that kinda resembles a latte without the sweet and filler-junk. The extra fat in this blend helps boost energy and keeps you feeling fuller for longer.

Worth trying, I’d say! If this is your first time making a blended coffee, I’d add just the ghee and coconut oil and blend. Then try it. Now you know what butter coffee is like. Then add the maple syrup and ground clove and blend again. Now you know what a blended maple clove butter coffee latte is like. 🙂

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Maple Clove Butter Coffee - a sweet and creamy "latte" for autumn |


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10 thoughts to “Maple Clove Butter Coffee”

  1. I have been wheat free for the past couple of years and interested in adopting the Paleo lifestyle. I am always in search of new recipes an this one combines flavors I love and my obsession with coffee. Coconut milk, maple syrup and coffee. I don’t use clove that much but thank you so much for sharing this recipe. I will definitely give it a try!

  2. I cannot have any (cow) dairy. Is it possible to substitute the ghee with a vegan butter? I recently discovered a brand of organic vegan butter made from cashews and coconut and sunflower oils, It’s really quite good! And, it melts on my hot vegetables. Yay! Do you think it might work well in this recipe?

    1. Hi, JC. That sounds like it might work, but I really have no idea without trying it! Give it a shot and let me know how it turns out. Ghee, when made correctly, is separated from the dairy solids, which is why I still use that even though I’m dairy free!

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