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Maple Mustard Salmon

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I’m the kind of person that truly enjoys the simple things in life. A cool, sunny morning. A hot cup of coffee. Lots of ghee and maple syrup. Together. Over salmon.

People tend to gravitate towards the flavors they like, and I’ve got a crush on ghee and maple syrup. Ghee’s nutty, buttery flavor would make cardboard taste amazing. And maple syrup is my go-to paleo sweetener, since honey tends to make my┬ástomach hurt. Naturally, I combine ghee and maple syrup whenever possible, and that’s one of the reasons this Maple Mustard Salmon was born.

Maple Mustard Salmon |

I’ve been hanging on to this recipe for a while now. At first, I just wasn’t impressed with the pictures I took and wanted to give them another try. But with my mate’s hospital bills and him being out of work while he healed up from his surgery, money’s really tight. I can’t afford to buy another full wild caught salmon filet.

I took another look at the pictures and realized they weren’t as bad as I thought. (Or are they? Feedback always appreciated – but be nice! HA.)

This simple recipe only requires you to mix the liquid ingredients together, pour it over salmon, and bake. I suggest cutting the salmon up in individual portions and arranging them snugly in a baking dish – the only reason I didn’t do that is for the pictures. Baking the salmon in close quarters just means that the maple/ghee/mustard mixture covers more surface area of the salmon, which is exactly what you want!

Maple Mustard Salmon |

If there’s excess sauce left when serving, you can always pour it over the sides. Just imagine how well it would compliment a roasted sweet potato or steamed broccoli. Oooh…this daydreaming makes me want to toss out my budget and run to the store for salmon. Anyone want to make this for me?

Did you realize there’s only 45 days left in the year? And there’s still so much to do! I have PR goals I’d like to hit in the gym. Still, I’m anxiously excited for next year. I wish I could say why!

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Maple Mustard Salmon - baked salmon in a decadent sauce of maple syrup, ghee, and mustard. Dinner's on the table in less than 30 minutes! |


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